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This is the successor group and new home to the popular “A-100 2002 and Later” Yahoo group.  

This group is for people who have passed the U.S. Foreign Service Officer Test and Oral Assessment or the Consular Fellow Orals Assessment. By connecting to this group, we hope to answer questions concerning the process of getting into the A-100 class and, then once in the A-100 class, we hope to help each other in Washington and abroad. The A-100 group is a private forum. No material may be forwarded from this group (attributed OR anonymously) without express permission from the originator and all contributors to the forwarded thread. This group is not sponsored nor supported by the United States Department of State or the U.S. government.

Joining is a two step process. 
1. Create an account on groups.io, and request to join this group. 
2A. For FSO Generalists, please fill out this google form which feeds data into the shadow registers.
2B. For Consular Fellows, please fill out this google form, which feeds data into the CF shadow register. 

Once we see your email in that form and your email in pending memberships, the mods will accept you into this group and you'll be able to see the shadow registers and all of the other files we keep behind the login wall. 

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